Now is a great time to get “better.” I love this word. In some ways it is totally subjective, but you know what you mean when you say it. When I say I want a better (hair cut, job, insurance option, smile, car, meal, etc.) people understand.

Better is better. It’s improvement. It’s more of what is good; less of what is not good. It is more of what brings contentment and joy and less of what brings discord and strife.

When it comes to the phrase, “A Better Life,” I describe it as:

Authentic, Meaningful, Affirming Relationships + Productive Days, Full of Enjoyable Moments.

Envision a day where you are really productive. You complete three or four things that you really needed to accomplish. At various moments throughout the day, you notice that the sun is shining and it makes you smile. At dinner someone tells a really funny story. Before bed, you check email and see that a dear friend has sent you an email with a favorite Bible verse. You shower and crawl into bed, tired, but feeling a true sense of contentment. Even though nothing big happened – it was a good day.

As you begin to stack up more and more of these “good and better” days you begin to notice that you have a better life.

The book Better Day-Better Life, gives readers a framework to regularly create good days. It shares a simple, but profound model that provides the practical steps on how to thrive in life.

This model is easy to use and can apply whether your current circumstances are favorable or if your situation is really tough.

You can learn more about it by

  • Reading the book
  • Giving virtual personal coaching a try
  • Watching the video under the “book-read a sample” tab

As a first step please check out the excerpts from the book. Next, take a look at the testimonials of people who have participated in a Better Day – Better Life event, worked with me as a coach or read the book. And then – get a copy for yourself. I am convinced that you will be blessed by the content and surprised at how quickly you can use the practical tips to change your life, one day at a time.

If you would like to know more about the BD-BL coaching process or get information on scheduling a training event for your organization please give me a shout. Thanks for visiting the site.

Grace & Peace, Kelly Wilson

Speaker & Coach
A Better Day – A Better Life, How to Thrive, One Day at a Time