Here are a few “soundbites” from people who hired me or read the book.

I loved the book. I laughed; I cried…

Regina Kopera
Industrial Engineer and Problem Solver


Reading this book gave me so many ideas on how to balance my life.  Kelly and I set up personal coaching sessions that literally changed my life.  Working with together, I was able to face personal challenges and direct my energy to conquer them.  I am still a work in progress, but through God’s hand and Kelly’s guidance, I can now see a smoother journey in my life.”

Wife, Mom
Co-Business Owner


ChandraThis book has wonderful transparency; I felt instantly connected after the first few pages.

Chandra L. Brown,
Budget Director, Northern Kentucky University


Kelly Wilson is hands down, one of the best trainers I’ve had during my professional career! While working in Brand Management for Procter & Gamble, Kelly’s coaching inspired me to venture beyond the traditional corporate setting and become an entrepreneur. I haven’t looked back since (sixteen years and counting)!

Selena (Sanders) Cuffe
Los Angeles, CA


johngI got the book on Saturday… and actually read it Saturday afternoon (during the crazy rains). I loved it. Because the book is described as a “how-to”, inspired by your own personal experiences with loss, I assumed that your tale would have been more focused on the actual losses and feeling, and less model/process/suggested actions. I liked how you surprised “me.” The book was far less about Kelly and her whoas and more about hey, have you thought about trying “this”?” Nicely done!

John Gleason
Founder & President
A Better View Strategic Consulting, LLC
(and former P&G executive)


stacyc“I started working with Kelly as coach in 2011. One of my goals was to begin dating again, though I was leery of the prospect. She helped me draft a plan to meet people and to get clearer on the type of person I was hoping to develop a relationship with. I am thrilled say that I got married in January 2013 and am expecting a new baby.

I found Kelly to be friendly and we easily established a rapport.  She was focused and analytical as she came to understand my needs.  Her organized approach helped me clarify a vision and set clear objectives to work toward my social / relational, personal, and professional goals.  I held on to the notes from our sessions, and still refer to them on occasion.

Columbus, OH


melissaj“I hosted a BD-BL book party for a group of my friends. I was pleasantly surprised at how much insight we were able to gain while really having a good time together. We covered a lot of territory in two quick hours. We shared our personal stories and learned about the model. We even exercised for 3 minutes as a tip on how to use the model on a daily basis. I bought the book and find it to be practical and encouraging. I highly recommend that you consider hosting a Better Day book party.”

Melissa Johnson
Cincinnati, OH


“I carry this book with me all the time for inspiration and straight talk. Whenever I misplace it, my kids say, are you looking for that green book again” (The cover on the first edition was green.)”

Mrs. S. Business Co-owner


“It was a very interesting read. I found it to be thought provoking with a lot very practical takeaways. It was beneficial to me, so I shared it (the book) with my co-workers. I didn’t want to stop reading it.”

Allen, Director
Boys & Girls Club
Cleveland, OH


steph“I attended the Victorious Living Goal Setting workshop and finished the session with a set of clear goals and action plans that incorporated my Christian values. Kelly did an excellent job of helping the participants capture our desires and turn these into reachable goals.

I left the workshop with confidence that I could successfully use the gifts and talents God has blessed me with to actually achieve my goals. And as a side note, I have reached many of them, since then.

This workshop is well worth the investment and will set you on a path that propel you successfully into your future.”

Stephanie H.
Wife and Stay-at-Home Mom of three Boys
Denver, CO