Kelly Wilson is a talented orator whose audience members consistently compliment her ability to present concepts from a new and energizing perspective.

A teacher at heart, she can be laugh out loud funny – then touch the audience in away that brings tears to their eyes.  Authentic, encouraging and engaging, Kelly educates and inspires from a Biblical worldview.

These are quotes people who have heard her:

“Kelly has such a likeable personality-LOVED IT!!”

“Thank you! I was blessed with what you shared.”

“She was fabulous!”

If you are looking for a speaker who will be entertaining while speaking from the word of God, please consider Kelly.

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Here is a listing of recent speech topics:

A Better Day – A Better Life,
How to Thrive, One Day at a Time

This uplifting and inspirational speech will give listeners a three-part model that shows them how to live better lives, one day at a time. Participants will hear practical ideas that will enable them to become more productive, improve their most important relationships and increase the amount of enjoyment they experience in each day. Whether listeners are on top of the world or wondering if they can last until bedtime, they will leave this event with a useful tool and spiritual encouragement to pursue a better life.

Christian Home-ista – Managing Your Home to Change the World

A ‘hom-ee-stuh’ is like a fashionisita. But instead of nurturing a passion for fashion, home-istas have a passion for the home. We see the places where we live as canvases to express our loves, personality, style and beliefs.

A Christian home-ista utilizes r homes as a means to bless our families and friends. This speech will motivate you to see your home as a place where “ministry” happens everyday. It provides practical tips and ideas to establish a home that nurtures the body, soul and most importantly the spirit. It is designed to persuade or remind the audience that the work we do in our homes can be used by God to change the world.

For such a Time as This – Lessons from the Life of a Reluctant Queen

bgThis message, originally developed for a woman’s day event, can be tailored to encourage both men and women, on the secrets of making the best of a difficult situation. The title comes from a phrase found in the Bible book of Esther.

This humorous and thought provoking speech will provide audience members with a renewed ability to see their current circumstances through “such a time as this” eye-glasses. It starts with a brief summary of how a young, reluctant, culturally disadvantaged woman, became a conduit that helped rescue a nation of people. It concludes by with an exhortation on how we, even in the 21st century and can reapply her actions to make a positive difference for ourselves, our loved ones and our fellow citizens.

A New Way to Pray, How the Pen Can Improve your Walk with Christ

prayerpenAfter reading the book, Let Prayer Change Your Life, by Becky Tirabassi, my [Kelly’s] life did change and for the better. Becky’s prayer journal and face-to-face teaching led to vast growth. As I sought to share these learnings with other people, especially my own children, I consolidated Becky’s original concepts and added my experience into a short presentation called “A New Way to Pray.”

Audience members will learn a simple method that can refresh and invigorate their prayer lives. Time permitting; they will even have an opportunity to test the tool before the session ends. Whether participants are new believers or a seasoned converts this presentation provides upbeat inspiration that will pay great dividends over time. This speech is especially good for chapel services and other sessions where time is limited.

* We are happy to prepare a talk/message that is custom fit your to audience and occasion. Speeches can ranges from 20 to 90 minutes.

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