I am a follower of Christ. By His grace, I am a believer and member of His kingdom. I am thrilled when I get to see people learn and grow, especially as they read the Bible and hear strong teaching.

I have been married to my college sweetheart for thirty years. We have enjoyed incredible highs and devastating lows. We very similar in some ways and so impossibly different in others.

I am the mom of four incredible children and honestly believe it is an honor to be someone’s mom. It is a fearsome charge to leave a positive imprint on another person while seeking to help him or her fulfill God’s plan for theirs lives.

In a sense I have been a teacher since I was a little girl. I love to break down concepts, so they make sense and can be used to make a positive difference.

My coaching credentials come from mix of academic knowledge and practical experience. As a senior manager with Procter & Gamble, I found that the biggest part of my work was reaching goals that my management set for me or enabling the people who reported to me, to reach the organization’s objectives or the goals they had created for themselves. I have a knack for motivating people to do the things they need a bit of help to do. I am willing to listen, to praise, to cajole, to pray, and to work side by side with my clients until they reach the desired end point.

I wrote “A Better Day – A Better Life,” to share the lessons that were of such great help to me. I hate that I had to learn about the model from such a hard experience, but I rejoice to hear the stories of positive change that have come from that simple and yet profound model. And it is a privilege to be a small part of the process of helping others thrive.

Education: BA Psychology ‘87, (Small Group Dynamics), MBA ’92 (Marketing/Operations) Both from the University of Cincinnati
Residence: Mason, OH a suburb of Cincinnati
Company: Victorious Living
Kiddos: Ken Jr (25), Kyler (23), Kennedy (Present with the Lord) & Koah (14)
Hobbies: Being a “home-ista” which is cooking, decorating, sewing and watching all sorts of sports on TV with the Fam.